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Outsmart the MBA Clones
An Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, 
Marketing and Branding


200 pages

Paramount Market Publishing, Inc. (January 7, 2008)




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How can you be immensely successful for many years, and yet not be imitated by competitors? Impossible, you say. Not so. Virgin Atlantic, the Body Shop, Apple Computers, and Birkenstock - they all achieved this status, and there are ample additional examples. They cracked the secret of successful differentiation that is not imitated and are adored by customers who think that they are incomparable. Dr. Dan Herman calls it an Unfair Competitive Advantage.  It's not at all unethical. Everyone has a fair chance of attaining such an advantage. Leastwise, every reader of this book.


There is a secret to successful differentiation that is not imitated. It is a psychological secret that has to do with the way your competitors think. Most marketers today are MBA graduates who tend to think and operate in typical and predictable ways - you might call them MBA Clones. You can take advantage of their biases and outsmart them. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Dan Herman not only reveals the secret of successful differentiation that is not imitated but also supplies you with a comprehensive set of practical rules and tools that will enable you to make an unfair advantage your reality.


Dr. Herman, a competitive strategy consultant with vast global experience, a seasoned CMO in a large corporation, a branding professional and a businessman, does not tell you to 'think out of the box' as so many do - he provides you with a new and comprehensive toolbox for success.

You'll learn:

  • The secret of successful differentiation that is not imitated 
  • How to scan methodically for both strategic and tactical opportunities for success 
  • How to integrate a business model, a competitive strategy and a brand concept to create a unitary 'unique success formula' for your company 
  • How to create marketing hits - short meteoric successes 
  • How to use electrifying marketing, just-on-desire branding and the brand drama approach to build emotionally powerful brands 

And many other useful additions to your profit-generating arsenal of concepts and methods.

Using a plethora of examples from top businesses around the world, Dr. Herman offers a business oriented-point of view that is fresh and different, and even humorous at times. Even though this book will turn your thinking inside out, everything in it is practical and easily applicable in any kind of business.

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Coming soon 2011

THINK SHORT: Developing, Branding and Marketing Innovations Specifically Designated for Rapid Market Penetration,
coauthored with Efrat Abisror and Ido Nachmani

The book, promises to enrich and update the way in which marketers all over the world think and operate. The book expands marketing and branding perspectives and action alternatives and equips professionals with new tools in a way only few books ever did before.


The book presents in full both the theoretical foundations and the application specifics of the THINK SHORT paradigm and methodology developed by Dr. Dan Herman. THINK SHORT presents new terminology, concepts, methods and tools to achieve unprecedented marketing results.


The book is an eye opener to the myriads of great opportunities that exist in the era of short-term everything, instructing readers how to grab them smartly. Starting with the rational and ending with a step-by-step process as well as concrete and actionable 'how to' rules and formulas, this is ultimately a hands-on, down to earth guide.



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quotes  First, let me tell you who this book is for. It's not just for MBAs or managers or CEOs or people in large companies. The title might lead you to think that. Not so. This book is for anyone who is in business, large In order to create a differentiation that won't be imitated, you have
 to think beyond the core benefits that are already (or even potentially) considered important in your market. It works time after time.

This is a one-of-a-kind book and I highly recommend it. quotes

Susan Hutcheson
Copywriting for the Discriminating http://www.powerwriting.com



quotes  If you are a seasoned marketer, this book is different from another you have read. Herman's fresh thinking about competitive advantage, marketing, customer segmentation, differentiation and branding will challenge your thinking.
It is worth every penny of its cover price.

Craig L.
"The Pointed Pundit"

quotes "Outsmart the MBA Clones" by Dan Herman should definitely be considered as a textbook for business programs. This book uses real-life recent examples of companies, products, and services we know, explains how their creative innovations worked, and how some were imitated.
Although I am a long-term strategist and focused on saving the Earth for my three boys and future generations, there is no question but that this book is the gold standard in short-term branding and market exploitation for short-term profit. It was worth my while. quotes

Robert D. Steele
Amazon Top 50 Reviewer