Dr Dan Herman, Competitive Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Branding


Typically 6-24 months long consulting projects based on our revolutionary processes and methods, designed to open wide horizons of growth and success for your company


Dr Dan Herman is hired by managements of medium to large businesses  in order to help create a new future for the company, in which it is highly differentiated, perceived as irreplaceable by its clients while enjoying a sustainable competitive advantage and a future in which wide horizons of growth stand open and accessible for the company to grab.


The nature of his work is very collaborative, and he works in tight and close cooperation with your company's managers, every step of the way, depending on the time they have at their hands to contribute.


In the course of a project of this nature he usually begins with the "What's Next?" process at the core of which he will work intensively with the Opportunity Scan methodology – in order to spot, invent and map tactic and strategic opportunities for your company's future success.


After mapping the opportunities, assessing their attractiveness and applicability, and choosing your focus - together with the company's managers he will move on to develop your Unique Success Formula (USF), in accordance with our proprietary Advantagizing approach. Your USF will include three components which we consider to be three closely integrated facets of one concept: 

1.     A new or renewed profitability oriented business model  

2.     An Advantagizing Strategy designed to achieve solid differentiation based on competitive advantage (desirably as Unfair as it can get) 

3.     And a new concept of an Irresistible Brand which promises attractiveness in the eyes of consumers identified earlier as opportunity-rich sectors.  


Thus, solutions he develops for his clients cover long term marketing objectives (effective differentiation) as well as short term objectives (the creation and successful penetration of marketing hits).   The solutions he offers you are comprehensive and integrative.



Whether his support is given on a regular basis, and whether it is given per project, either way he will provide you with a complete and full action plan, which is also scheduled and budgeted with no gaps.  His clients are taken hand in hand, through all stages of their strategic implementation and organizational assimilation, one step after another, all the way to success. 



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Partial clients list
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Dan works with some of the strongest brands, both global and local:

IBM, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Starkist Tuna, Comverse, The Olympic Comittee, Europcar, H. Stern, Verint, Starhome, Syneron, Apple,
F.C. Spartak Moskva, Celio,
The Jerusalem Post, Zim, Dell,
AB.LV (Aizkraukles Bank), Suxuki
Chrysler, Smak (Ekaterinburg)


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