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From iPad to Zumba, from Crocs to candidate Obama - some new products, services, entertainment locales, shopping malls or specialty stores, real estate development projects, personalities and other ‘marketables’ are immediately adopted by their target population.

Conventional marketing and branding recommend keeping your brands long-term and innovating with short-term products. However marketers find out that that consumers often do not 'buy it'. Unless the competition is very dormant, new products under old brands do not seem all that new
(isn't it so, Microsoft?)  


Given the psychology of today's consumer, it is more effective sales-wise to launch new products under new brand concepts, strategies and symbolizations (names, logos, etc'.)  


You can also use brand architectures which combine long and short term brands. Does it make financial sense? You bet it does!   


Think Short- Strategically


Normally a Short Term Brand's success is far greater yet relatively short-lived in comparison to traditional long-term brands.  


The meaning of "short" varies by category from days or weeks (e.g. exhibitions, concert tours) to months (e.g. toys, the populating of residential projects), to several years (e.g. electronic products, vehicle models). 


When properly managed, Short-Term Brands are extremely profitable. A succession of short-term brands can result over time in a significantly higher average market share and market price than a long-term brand would have achieved in the same market (looking at your 'average market share' over time instead of at your assumed-to-be-stable 'market share', is one of the many differences between Think Short and Think Long marketing)

Dan Herman, PhD, leader of the THINK SHORT consulting network, is a marketing strategist, helping companies and individual business persons to succeed, thrive and profit.

Numerous audiences and companies from many countries have already benefited immensely from his consulting services, lectures, seminars and workshops.
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The Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)

I first observed this phenomenon that I later named "The Fear of Missing Out" in the mid 90's, while listening to consumers at focus groups and during individual in-depths interviews. Despite the variety of research topics and business categories being explored, most consumers expressed - at one time or another –a clearly fearful attitude towards the possibility of failing to exhaust their opportunities (and complementarily, to miss the expected joy associated with succeeding in doing so). It struck me as an extremely significant new development in consumer psychology, and in the following years I have been researching FoMO as a socio-cultural phenomenon, as a motivation, and as a personality factor. Having studied its implications for marketers, my belief is that this motivation might be one of the central factors in the  decline of brand loyalty.


 Categories: FOMO, Marketing, Strategy, Brands 

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Creating Meteoric Successes in Marketing - The Marketing Hit Formula


From time to time the marketing world is taken aback by huge, quick, unpredictable and seemingly inexplicable successes. These hits are products or services, entertainment locales or vacation spots, shopping malls or specialty stores that enjoy puzzling immediate popularity. There are incognitos that become hot celebrities, there are events, festivals or concerts that capture the masses, real estate development projects that evoke huge demand, or styles that become trendy. In nearly all cases, there are also new brands that are immediately adopted by the target population. For example, Harry Potter orThe Da Vinci Code, Apple's iPod and the Blogs, the Hamptons in Long Island New York, Toyota's Scion brand, the Crest electric toothbrush and many more examples.


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A reality check on your marketing strategy

The 'Marketing Scenario' is a practical tool designed to help you make sure that you have a winning marketing strategy to support your brand. You will do a reality check on those dreams of success to learn if they make any sense.
The 'Marketing Strategy' is the way we have come up with for achieving our marketing goals and it should include two mandatory elements:

  1. Which target consumers whom we can reach, hold a viable potential to buy whatever we intend to sell? 
  2. What is the offer (the entire marketing mix) we will be presenting to these consumers in order to appeal to them and thus realize the said potential, given their alternatives? 
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Every blue ocean will eventually turn red.
Create an unfair advantage instead


The vast red and blue oceans of the marketing world tsunamied into our awareness and vocabulary a few years ago, when two INSEAD professors, W.Chan Kim and Ren?e Mauborgne, claimed that competition can be rendered irrelevant.

Their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, heralded the news to marketing managers and CEOs all over the world: after years and years of surviving in red bloody oceans, swarming with murderous competitors, finally there's a better alternative!

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The 5% That Determines Your Company's Success

I have encouraging news for you: many of your competitors are afraid of strategy. You might call it strategophobia. Strategy has two terrifying characteristics. First, strategy is a choice. "We are going to go for target customers X, and not the rest," or "The major benefit we will offer consumers is Z and not all sorts of other things." It seems that when you choose, you have to give something up.

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The Best Kept Secret of Successful Differentiation

A successful differentiation is not imitated by your competitors, even though it brings you unmistakable success with consumers. It seems impossible? Not quite so. I am about to reveal to you the unexpectedly simple and wonderful secret of successful differentiation: you must think beyond the core benefits of your product category. Think: Off-Core Differentiation.

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