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Dan has worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, government agencies and more. And whatever the audience, Dan’s speeches are always deeply thought-provoking and eminently practical, as well as inspiring and entertaining—a combination of qualities that are a must for any successful conference or meeting.

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Keynote Lecture Topics

How companies and brands can create a new future and find TNT - Their Next (Big) Thing   

Identifying and creating opportunities for marketing success, time after time, is one of the most demanding challenges executives face. The pressure to achieve continuous growth, combined with hypercompetition and restless consumers, demands perpetual (and successful) innovation in business models, products, services and marketing tactics. This talk is aimed at a general audience and gives a clear introduction to innovative methods such as “What’s Next?” and Opportunity Scan (O-Scan) that cutting edge marketers are using today to find new opportunities. 


Advantagizing: An alternative approach to competitive strategy that will bring you an unfair competitive advantage  

Advantagizing means strategizing for competitive advantage. This talk explores how companies gain an advantage in the eyes of customers. Dr. Herman touches upon the psychological aspect of competitive advantage, recounts illuminating examples of unusual and successful approaches and exposes covert (and surprising) principles at work. He tells the story of the path leading to an unfair advantage, the kind of advantage that pulls you out of the rat race and leaves you safe from the competition. In some cases, you can even create your own private monopoly. 


The secret of differentiation that customers adore and that competitors don't imitate.  

Companies that enjoy competitive advantages are gloriously different. By being different in the right way, consumers feel that you are not only better than your competitors, they feel that there is no comparison – giving you a private monopoly of your own. This keynote talk introduces and explains the methods used to achieve this competitive advantage. 


How products and brands achieve meteoric success: The Marketing Hits Formula and Short Term Brands (STBs) that revolutionize branding.  

Marketing Hits are sometimes just lucky accidents. However, in some categories, it is possible to plan, create and launch Hits in a methodical way. Dan Herman has researched the secrets of marketing Hits in a number of categories and has developed techniques and procedures that turn the creation of Hits into a learnable skill. In this lecture, Dan Herman will share his unique understanding of STBs and Hits and how you might use them in your marketing plan. 


Eternal principles and the current trends in luxury - creating Prestige brands, VIP services, Exclusive retai and more.

The wealthy classes are growing in size in almost every society. There are new tiers of wealth evolving. Who are the affluent of today and tomorrow? What are their new and not so obvious motivations? What attracts and repels them? How do they choose? What expertise do you need and what code of conduct do you have to adhere to, in order to attract them? Some of the principles are truly counter-intuitive and very surprising! One trait the wealthy share is that they demand that the rules be broken for them. Learn how to profit from this. This lecture introduces and explains everything you need to know about marketing, branding and selling to the affluent. 

Professional Lectures Topics 

Identifying growth opportunities and devising growth strategies with the "What’s Next?" process and the Opportunity Scan (O-Scan) method.  

Identifying and creating opportunities for marketing success, time after time, is one of the most demanding challenges executives face. The pressure to achieve continuous growth, handle competitors and keep up with new technological innovations, in the face of increasingly disloyal consumers is enormous. It demands a continuous supply of innovative products and services, new profitable target audiences, new distribution channels, new promotions and new marketing strategies and tactics. This lecture gives a clear picture of the tools you’ll need to detect or invent your company's opportunities for success, expose your consumers’ potential and future wants, and capitalize on them faster than your competitors. 


Creating successful Off-Core Differentiation strategies and turning them into a Unique Success Formula that competitors will not imitate - a private monopoly  

Companies that enjoy competitive advantages are gloriously different. By being different in the right way, consumers feel that they are not only better than their competitors, they feel that there is no comparison – thus giving them a monopoly of their own. This lecture reveals the secret of successful differentiation that is not imitated, explains the methods to achieve such an advantage with a view to using them with your brand, product or company. 


Predicting potential / future consumer wants with the Consumer Fore-Search method  

If you feel that today's consumer research methods haven't given you any truly amazing insights, you're not alone. Research (with emphasis on the "re") sends you off on the same old routes. There is an alternative with a different focus named ForeSearch. It will not only bring you to a completely different level of insight, it will also enable you to foresee and even engineer the future desires of your customers. You will be able to perform something we might call "mind surgery" that is both masterful and precise. Learn all about ForeSearch and its usefulness as a tool for your brand. 


Developing brands that click immediately with consumers' emotions using the Just-on Desire branding methodology  

Some brands have an immediate Feel-Appeal to consumers and Dr. Herman reveals their secrets. He introduces and explains the marketing process from the Branding level that achieves an effect upon the consumer (the Psychological Level) which in turn affects the Behavioral Level which, not accidentally, achieves our marketing goals (the Marketing Level). This feat requires an understanding of how brands become emotionally significant. A vital part of this process is creating intangible instrumentality for the consumer – that feeling your brand gives customers that they in turn use to enrich their reality. This lecture describes the innovative and creative tools to achieve your marketing goals and create intangible instrumentality. 


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quotes  Dan Herman is an extraordinary lecturer. Better said, he is a hypnotist, mesmerizing his public. He does it charmingly, subtly, wisely and with great distinction. His effect is long lasting in the hearts and minds of his listeners and miraculously, it has an amazing impact on their professional capabilities.  quotes


Edvin Jurin
Special Projects - Executive Director' McCann Erickson Croatia


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When a speaker is as eloquent, fluent, coherent, pleasant, bright, confident and masterful as Dr. Dan Herman is, the only question that remains to be asked is: "When can you come again?" quotes 

Sigalit Horn-Gelferin, 

Business Development Manager 

Advertisers' Association of Israel 

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quotes  Dan Herman spoke at our Marketing Conference in Istanbul. His speech and presentation were extremely dynamic, interesting and enjoyable. He was one of the highest rated speakers by our participants. quotes 


Dilek Altungencalp 

R & D Executive 

Management Centre Turkey  


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quotes  Out of the many great presentations at the Internet Hungary Conference, Dr. Herman's was especially successful. Many people made a point of coming up to me about it afterwards and to say that it was a great idea to invite him.quotes 


Csermely Ákos 

General Manager 

Media Hungaria, Hungary 


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quotes  During the master class lecture in Amsterdam, Dan Herman showed us his original expertise on branding strategies and the effect that this can have on today’s marketing operations. His lecture was very well appreciated for its originality, clearness and challenging aspects. quotes 


Leo van Sister 

Founder and CEO 

BrandCustodians,the Netherlands