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Training Workshops


All our programs are based upon the revolutionary know-how created and developed by Dr. Dan Herman. His intensive training workshops provide opportunities to add his innovative approaches and methods to your management and your marketing team's toolbox – coached by the master himself.


Every training workshop guarantees that you’ll receive:

  • A fresh and original perspective on your business and an exchange of ideas.
  • The tools to create or refresh your business model, competitive strategy and brands.
  • Exercises to help you focus your differentiation, your brand and message.
  • Dozens of ideas, solutions and tips you implement right away.
  • Consultation with Dr. Dan Herman on issues relevant to you.

Workshop details:

  • 2-4 days, executive-level training workshops.
  • 8 Hours per day (4 sessions of 90 minutes each, plus breaks).
  • The workshops consist of lectures, case studies, exercises and guided work.
  • Practical focus: useful approaches, tools and know-how.
  • Workshop content is adapted to the needs of the client company.
  • Up to 25 participants in total. Work done in smaller teams of approximately 5 people.


Typical topics for training topics include:

Advantagizing - strategizing for 'Off-Core' differentiation and unfair competitive advantage

Companies that enjoy competitive advantages are gloriously different. By being different in the right way consumers feel that you are not only better than you competitors, they feel that there is no comparison – thus giving you a monopoly of your own. This workshop reveals the secret of successful differentiation that is not imitated, and focuses on acquiring and practicing the methods to achieve such an advantage.

Using the 'What's Next?' process and the 'Opportunity Scan' methodology to identify and realize opportunities for growth and marketing success

Identifying and creating opportunities for marketing success, time after time, is one of the most demanding challenges executives face. The pressures, to achieve continuous growth, from competitors, of adapting to new technological innovations - all combine with restless disloyal consumers to demand innovative products and services (that will succeed!), new profitable target audiences, new distribution channels, new promotions, new marketing strategies and tactics. Don’t miss this workshop and tool up to detect and map your company's opportunities for success, your consumers’ potential and future wants, and capitalize on them faster than your competitors.


Creating and launching Market 'Hits' and 'Short-Term Brands'

Marketing 'Hits' are sometimes just lucky accidents. However, in some categories, know-how has evolved that makes it possible to plan, create and launch 'Hits' in a methodical way. Dan Herman has researched the secrets of marketing 'Hits' in various categories and has developed techniques and procedures that turn the creation of 'Hits' into a learnable skill. In this intensive workshop Dan Herman will share this unique knowledge with you while working on your own products and brands.

Using the 'Just-on-Desire' method and the 10 ways of creating 'Intangible Instrumentality'

This training workshop introduces you to a new logic of strategy development. We take you from the Branding Level, that achieves an effect upon the consumer according to our strategy (the Psychological Level) which in turn affects the Behavioral Level which, not accidentally, achieves our marketing goals (the Marketing Level). A vital part of this process is creating intangible instrumentality for the consumer – that thing your brand makes the customers feel that they use to enrich their reality. This workshop gives you the innovative and creative tools to achieve your marketing goals and create intangible instrumentality.

Creating Luxury

Prestige brands, Premium Products,  VIP Services, Upscale Retail, Elite Places, Exclusive Organizations, ...

Affluent consumers, in each and every category, expect special treatment and separation from the 'masses'. They are willing to pay considerably more for products and services designed specifically to meet their needs and tastes. Who are the rich? What are their motivations? What attracts and repels them? How do they choose? What expertise do you need and what code of conduct do you have to adhere to, in order to attract them? Some of the principles are truly counter-intuitive and very surprising! In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know about marketing, branding and selling to the affluent.


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quotes  We organized several successful workshops with Dr. Dan Herman in Moscow and in Kiev over the past few years.

Dr. Herman is a marvelous speaker on innovative solutions in competitive strategy, marketing and branding who offers groundbreaking and effective tools that help companies and brands grow.

If you want to increase your appeal to consumers and your profitability you must participate in one of his workshops!

You'll acquire immediate solutions relevant to your current goals as well as the methods and know-how you will take with you for future use. quotes


Natalia Urda,   

Executive Director,

Brand Training


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quotes   Dan is an exceptionally talented trainer, clear, methodical, interesting, motivating with very good people skills. He trains with sensitivity (including inter-cultural sensitivity), respect and flexibility. He is creative and practical and very helpful with on the spot feedback and suggestions.

Dan has vast knowledge in several social science disciplines in addition to expertise in strategy and marketing. In addition to that he draws on his extensive hands-on experience as a manager and consultant. quotes


Zlatina Karova


POSISHINER, Sofia, Bulgaria



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